Monday, September 23, 2019

Monkey Jacket

With the first frost, it is high time to resume the seasonal “kale craze” here on Rawls & Me, today together with roasted cauliflower and served with another glass of that red blend wine from California “Monkey Jacket”. In a world of random facts, it is worth noting that Thomas Jefferson grew kale at his plantation Monticello in Virginia.

Five hours of seminars have left me strangely exhausted. Sometimes, I feel like I live in a universe of my own and that all these texts by Mill, Habermas or Pateman do not correspond with anything that the students can relate to, that it is just an “academic” exercise in the worst sense of the word. Other times, I am of course more convinced about their universality.

Cool concrete minerality and a juicy expressive red wine. Most of all, California softening the edges; past, present and future.



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