Monday, September 30, 2019

A month of races

According to Strava, September has been my most active month yet with 321 km of running and 2,281 meters of elevation gain. With this behind me, it feels good to have 40 days of calm training before my next big race in Beirut.

Today, my long-term co-author Jon asked me if I wanted to write a piece about the ethics of aviation with him. Though the topic definitely interests me, I know I make a terrible co-author these days, between being a parent and running around like a bunny. Still, by not writing, I feel that the field is left open to all those who only see one side of the story and fail to recognize how crucial aviation is for sustaining cosmopolitan values and physically bringing the world together.

For now, I make a butternut squash soup and wait for the forecasted 25 mm of rain to start falling.

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