Saturday, September 21, 2019

North Coast

A purple medal later, I am making comfort food with a red blend wine from California's North Coast. Sometimes, the external world is just too much to take in with its degrowthers masquerading as "scientists" and tensions again rising in the Middle East. At least, I am very happy about my knees surviving today's 10k race even as I plan to stick to the elliptical for most of my workouts leading up to Tvåälvsloppet, however drab it may be.

Tomorrow, my parents are off by train to Italy for nine days. Fond of tradition, they plan to return to some of their favourite places, such as Alassio on the Italian Riviera. Thinking back, much of my own travelling has been like that, especially with my yearly summer trips to Breakthrough and Coastal California. Having "unsubscribed" to the Dialogue after five years straight is both liberating and sad as the Pacific with its redwoods are somehow always in the back of my mind.

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