Friday, September 20, 2019

First freeze

Five days earlier than last year, my phone informed me that it was -4 degrees outside. Unfortunately, my right knee did not react gently to that half marathon yesterday so no running for Rasmus this morning. In fact, I am thinking that maybe I should cancel tomorrow's Varvetmilen outright.

In the medicine locker I found the topical analgesic cream that I bought at Walgreens this summer and, luckily, it gave some relief. Maybe it was not the running at all that caused this but rather the sudden increase in biking volume or some combination thereof. I do not know and I am of course afraid to make it worse by further exercise. Since it is on the inside of the knee, I have ruled out IT band and some other common running-related knee problems. If I am lucky, it may all just be overtraining and go away in time for Tvåälvsloppet on the 28th September.

As for races, I learnt yesterday that I was not selected for the Tokyo Marathon in February. Instead, I plan to see where I am with the running after Beirut and then look for a suitable road marathon later in 2020, perhaps Berlin in September? Knee permitting, my long-term training goal remains to run a Boston qualifying marathon (which Berlin happens to be one) in under 3 hours and 10 minutes.



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