Friday, September 20, 2019


After visiting Löplabbet (our excellent running store here in Umeå), I think I have a better idea of what is causing the pain in my right knee. Given how localized the pain is and that they could even feel the inflammation through my jeans, it seems that I have developed knee bursitis. Of all the things that could be causing the pain that I have been feeling, I guess this is good news. I will try to rest as much as I can and shift my workouts away from running in the coming weeks, starting with a short session on the elliptical today. Still, I do not really want to give up on either Varvetmilen or Tvåälvsloppet just yet but, if it starts to hurt, I will of course stop running.

A moment ago, I wrapped up my last lecture of the semester, unbelievable as it may sound. While I still have tons of seminars coming up and, not to forget, an insane amount of exams to mark, it still feels good to have this behind me.



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