Saturday, September 14, 2019

Colour me impressed

True to the spirit of my previous post, I laced up my red Craft V175 Lite II (which I am beginning to like more and more by the way) and went out for a morning run. While I can still tell that I did that 50k race last weekend, it felt good to at least bring the mileage for this week up to another 50 km before it was time to take the bike downtown with Eddie and go to the hairdresser. Both on the run and on the bike I could definitely sense that autumn is on its way.

Once at the hairdresser, Eddie really made me proud, as if every fight that we ever had was forgotten and that he was super cool with everything. In retrospect, turning seven appears to have been a milestone in so many ways. Afterwards, out on the street, I was approached by a guy from “Fridays For Future”. Normally, I try to avoid these kinds of situations but somehow I am angry with myself for never speaking up. So, very gently, I explained that I am also very concerned about climate change but that I think that Greenpeace et al. got the solutions all wrong. To my great surprise, he seemed to agree with basically everything I said, ranging from the risk that renewable energy locks in gas to that climate change is essentially about the right of development and the importance of finding globally scalable solutions. Colour me impressed.

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