Thursday, August 29, 2019

On the lone border of the lake

It is shortly after six a.m. but the lake is still warm from the last days of sunshine. Against better knowledge, I decide to go for a tempo run to shake the odd feeling that I am having in my body (even as I suspect that it is caused by overtraining rather than an oncoming cold). I run through pockets of air so humid that I almost mistake them for fever sensations but I make it around the lake in less than 40 minutes without feeling any worse at least.

Then, at work, it is back to reading applications to our PhD programme and deciding on what qualities that we think are most important. Hopefully we will be able to conduct interviews with the shortlisted candidates within the next two weeks and then reach some kind of decision. This autumn, it is 15 years since I started my own PhD studies in Lund and I can still remember how privileged I felt, to suddenly have all this time to challenge my own thinking.

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