Saturday, January 26, 2019

Pontus revisited

As tradition has it, I stopped by "Pontus in the Air" on my way through terminal 5. However, in light of what lies ahead, I decided to trade the Grüner Veltliner for a Coke. Instead I ended up spending roughly the same money on the latest issue of Foreign Affairs. Reading Elizabeth Warren’s piece “A Foreign Policy for All”, I find myself in immediate agreement:

“The urgency of the moment cannot be overstated. At home and abroad, democracy is on the defense. The details of the problem vary from place to place, but one cause stands out everywhere: the systematic failure to understand and invest in the social, political, and economic foundations on which democracies rest”

Outside, the snow has stopped falling. The Miami-bound A330 at the gate next to ours has some tech issues and is already running two hours late. With the race starting at 8.30 am tomorrow, I can just keep my fingers crossed that the same thing does not happen to our plane (especially given how notorious Norwegian is for their inability to handle irrops).

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