Sunday, September 02, 2018


On Wednesday, I manged to maintain a 4:53 min/km pace around the lake, which would have given me a chance on a new PR at today’s Umemilen. However, considering that everyone around me has been struggling with colds, I am not super surprised that I picked up something new. With 30+ hours of lectures scheduled for the coming week, I cannot jeopardize my health any further so I just have to accept that, sometimes, there are hard limits to what one can do. Besides, since it is a 10k race, the only interesting parameter would be time and I am 100% certain that I cannot set a new PR today.

As for happier news, my participation in the Gothenburg Book Fair has now been confirmed. Between 16:05-16:20 on Saturday the 29th of September, I will talk about climate nationalism at #forskartorget, a topic I am sure will spark controversy but hopefully also some serious reflection about why we are failing to stop climate change.

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