Saturday, March 28, 2020

Heatmaps and routes

As a Strava Summit member you can generate a heat map of all the places where you ever run, in my case taking me on a tour around the globe from the rice paddies of Ubud to the trails circling the Lafayette Reservoir. Looking at my map of Umeå however, I discovered an obvious circle just outside my door that I never tried so this morning I went for ten slow countryside kilometres, passing by fields with birds returning but also forests still packed with ice.

Otherwise, Strava has just introduced another function called “Routes” that let you find popular routes around your current location, a function I think could be quite useful when travelling. Not that any travelling is forthcoming. Last night, Turkish Airlines, which used to fly to more countries than any other any airline, decided to cancel all international flights indefinitely. Among the major international carriers, Qatar seems to be the only one that is still flying, effectively becoming the world’s superconnector.

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