Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Evening run

While I tend do most of my running in the mornings, there is a certain charm in heading out at night in my yellow high-visibility vest and the Petzl Bindi headlamp. Running on thawing dirt roads under clearing skies, everything is at once so simple and sublime. As kilometre follows on kilometre, I am reminded of the autumn and the Church of the Long Run.

At work, there is a strange atmosphere behind the locked doors. With no students in the hallways and all cafés closed, the place has an eerily quiet feeling of summer days long gone by. I cannot even begin to imagine how many airports, hotels and restaurants around the world that look like just that right now.

To those who see the Covid-19 response as a template for future climate action, Alex Trembath and Seaver Wang wrote these insightful words the other day:

“People like traveling, for work and for pleasure, even when they know how carbon-intensive it is. People like eating out at restaurants, even if it is more expensive and tends to waste more food than eating at home. This moment might make us realize how precious, not frivolous, those experiences are.”

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