Sunday, March 22, 2020


Last summer at the Breakthrough Dialogue, I was sitting next to a couple of people at lunch who were joking about the ecomodern obsession with energy density, saying that it was like loving peanut butter. And I normally do not. But I do think that energy density is absolutely essential if we want to spare wild nature while at the same time eradicate global poverty.

As the transatlantic traffic is coming to a standstill, I made a very American breakfast toast with peanut butter and blueberries before heading out for my first run after a week of hiatus. And when I eventually get to run those 8x10 km, I guess I will have even more use for such high-density energy sources.

Considering all the race cancellations, I was thrilled when Seth James DeMoor announced that he will be organizing a virtual marathon event on Sunday 19 April. In addition, my colleague Elias has challenged me to run a half marathon with him in May which I am already looking forward to.

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