Thursday, September 05, 2019

New territory

After blogging almost daily over the summer, the time has simply not been there since the semester started. Even keeping up with Strava's “The Escape Plan” has turned out to be difficult but, thanks to a few absurdly early mornings, I have so far been able to continue to upload those ten kilometres per day. Luckily, all of the stress has been more than offset by the students’ sheer enthusiasm and excitement about starting their university studies.

This time a year ago, I have to admit that I was frightened by the thought of my first marathon. Prior to running Amsterdam, the longest I had run was about 26 km so it was all new territory for me. Since then, I have done two more road marathons and I feel like I have some idea about what to expect at least. Still, I get a bit of the same feeling when thinking about Umeå Ultra 50k now on Saturday, especially as the rain keeps pouring down and the forecast suggests that I will get pretty soaked...



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