Friday, July 27, 2018

Atomic humanism

Looking down on the burnt fields of Sweden that are more akin to Italy at the end of summer, I think an increasingly number of people are beginning to realize that not only mitigating but adapting to climate change will require high-energy solutions. With abundant clean energy we could reduce emissions while providing mass desalination for agricultural purposes (as well as electricity for air conditioning).

Unfortunately, I think there is truth to the suggestion that the most promising source of that energy came sixty years too early. If nuclear energy was discovered today, people would have no problem recognizing it as the solution to climate change. Yet, tarnished by its military applications and decades of irrational propaganda spread by the so called environmental movement have made the future of nuclear energy most uncertain.

As such, I think we urgently need to take back the language and explain how a new form of "atomic humanism" is essential for making our planet green again.

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