Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Legoland revisited

Flying out over the Western Sea on a lightly loaded Boeing 737-600, I marvel at the fact that the little guy in the seat next to mine is about to turn six in just two days. As he keeps looking out of the window, I browse through a book I read some time ago by Katrine Marçal. While I am sure that we would have our disagreements in the real world, I am again surprised by how similar Katrine and I seem to be thinking about certain things or, perhaps more accurately, that we seem to be thinking about the same kind of things.

In just a few minutes, we will start our descent into Billund for what I am afraid has become a new tradition for Eddie's birthday. Still, seeing the joy that Legoland brings to his eyes, I would be a very callous parent if I said no. As for my own birthday tradition, it has been five years since my last visit to Ven. Unfortunately, by Tuesday when I turn 40 we will already be back in Umeå.



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