Friday, July 27, 2018

Travelling with children

When Eddie was still an infant, he truly travelled the world, including circumnavigating the globe twice in his first year (something I still have not done myself). Once back in Sweden, his travels dropped dramatically and has mostly consisted of domestic flights to Kalmar and Gothenburg. Still, it feels like I have learnt a thing or two about being on the road with kids. One thing I really like is that you get a different perspective on the world, you literally see the small things, and you get to experience places at the oddest of hours, especially if jetlag is involved. Among my strangest memories is coming in with 11 hours of jetlag to St Martin and walking through a casino at 3 am with a stroller. This morning in Billund, William who is well known for his early mornings got to have a moment of his own behind the curtain before waking up his brother for some plane spotting...



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