Sunday, July 22, 2018


Being the warmest summer in 260 years (that is how far back the records go), it has been 40 days since the last rain here in Umeå. Yet, finally, this morning brought thunderstorms and a heavy, drenching rain. Running 10k through the rainfall left me in a euphoric mood, despite that the forecast is still all in deep red with temperatures above 30 degrees expected to return within a day or two.

In its #småparti selection for beer, Systembolaget right now has a Lagunitas pale ale called “Born Again Yesterday” with tastes of mango and rye bread which is just perfect for light summer dinners. On a more ominous note I read an essay yesterday by Michael Lind in American Affairs which reminded me of some of the reasons why people vote for parties like the Swedish Democrats. The essay made me think that, perhaps, any serious attempt to address inequality in Sweden could well end up strengthening the very reactionary forces that it would seek to undercut, at least initially. After all, massive investments in early childhood education and attempts to accelerate the transition away from traditional gender norms would presumably lead to even stronger migration away from rural areas and frustration among the men left behind.

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