Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bush wine

After two months with at least ten student e-mails every day, the electrosmog is finally clearing. Even if supervising a record of 18 theses has often pushed the limits of my multitasking abilities, I have at least learnt a lot about everything from autism in career counselling to indices for measuring local government corruption.

With greener pastures just around the corner, I made some sweet potato salad with a lime vinaigrette for dinner. Thanks to... ehh... Monocle, I also found an inexpensive bottle of chenin blanc from South Africa for 79 SEK at Systembolaget which turned out to be a good match.

Rather than pondering the perennial question “where next?”, I was then thrilled to find a new article in the International Journal of Public Theology that really engages with my work. Often, citations can be a bit hit and miss so it is immensely rewarding when there is suddenly a real conversation going on. Hopefully, this will inspire me to finally complete my own draft paper on theology in the Anthropocene.

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