Sunday, May 06, 2018


While I may have missed the original when visiting New Zealand a decade ago, stopping by Jumbo Hostel at Arlanda for coffee today definitely made up for it. It is not every day that one gets to climb around inside a 42-years old 747-200 that used to fly for every airline from Pan Am to Cathay Pacific before becoming a hostel in Sweden.

Later today, our journey will continue down to Kalmar and my parents. Again, I am surprised by the fact that 1.5 years have passed since my last visit. This time is a bit special as it will be the first time that William gets to see the city where I grew up. Unfortunately, my own visit will be a bit interrupted as I have to head back up to Umeå tomorrow night for a two years’ warranty inspection of the house but at least I will be back with the boys in Kalmar already on Tuesday evening. Meanwhile, I am happy to report that Breakthrough Journal has now published my response to Pinker.



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