Monday, April 30, 2018


Though I promised myself to be a bit less active with posting here on Rawls & Me, my oceanic adventure took an unexpected turn when I discovered a microbrewery from Råå and put together a true Vietnamese fusion lunch with Abisko flatbread, smoked salmon, avocado and rock chives.

Meanwhile, John Bolton suggests the “Libya model” for North Korea which I guess Kim will not be entirely thrilled about. Contrary to many experts, I do not however think that withdrawal of all US troops from the Korean Peninsula would be such an outrageous part of any comprehensive deal with North Korea. After all, South Korea remains fully capable of defending itself, at least long enough for US reinforcements to arrive. In any case, one reason for the joint command structure has been to prevent *South* Korean aggression, something that seems less relevant these days under Moon Jae-in.


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