Tuesday, May 15, 2018


When passing by Götaplatsen in Gothenburg with its Poseidon statue the other day, I was reminded of the rather obvious fact that Umeå Triathlon in August will include some swimming, 1500 metres of it to be exact. Despite my fondness for jumping into hotel pools everywhere from Delhi to Tel Aviv (above), I have to admit that I am completely lacking in terms of technique. At least today, I managed to swim 1000 metres in 38 minutes which is roughly the time it took last year for those who knew what they were doing to swim all 1500 metres.

A few days ago, Michael Shellenberger published a very pedagogical article on why solar and wind simply cannot save the climate. Today, he followed up with another great article that explains why being a “mixologist” (i.e. someone who supports a range of low carbon technologies) may make political sense at first but ultimately takes us further away from having an honest conversation based on the science. While I rarely take similarly positions in public, I should say that I agree wholeheartedly with Michael here, the question is only how much worse climate change must become until people will be ready for that honest conversation?



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