Thursday, May 31, 2018


In the corridor at work, I tried my best to convey the magic of the word "sommarlov" to our Kiwi PhD student. While five weeks of work remain until the actual summer holidays, today marked the last days of the semester with students and fixed hours.

At Systembolaget, I found a stunning #småparti bottle overflowing with Yarra River nostalgia and green melon.

I know I am late on the ball here but today I also received my copy of Hans Rosling’s Factfulness. While thematically similar to Pinker’s book, it has even more of a pop science feel to it, including the following pedagogical illustration of what the very basics of life (drinking water, cooking, sleeping etc.) may look like at different income levels. Next time my post-development friends suggest that growth is just a mirage, I promise to put this on my conference slides.



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