Friday, February 23, 2007

Ithaca college

This will be my second posting on SL. I promise to not make a habit out of it. But a day like this when I am still suffering from the cold, the snowstorm is back and every train has been delayed, I just have to escape once more. So, this is what happened today:

I met an undergraduate student from Ithaca College in upstate New York. I was invited to their university island where I, among other things, participated in a group photo and came in possession of a very fancy blue t-shirt :-)

As far as I understood it, they were having some kind of methodological class in SL. Perhaps something for Sofie and her participant observations? Anyway, I am looking forward to meeting up with all of you in SL, especially you Johan, it is really time you get it up running!

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Blogger bigrachhill said...

1:14 am  
Blogger bigrachhill said...

Haha, my professor posted about your blog, on her blog, after I told her about your posting... does that make sense?


1:14 am  
Blogger Natasja said...

I must say, when you give an example like that how the SL works, one get a much better idea about what the game can mean....and it is a very strange feeling. You did something and still not. So IF it didn't happen, how is it possible that someone gave you a blue t-shirt? Hmmm. Is it more or less real than if you had been invited to a videoconferense e.g.?

4:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, I will avoid 2nd Life as I hardly have time for my 1st life with my kid and the rapidly approaching end of my PhD studies. Besides, I don’t think I would like it, as I prefer more drastic "vacations" from the every day life. Therefore, fantasy and SF-games are more my cup of tea. However, I quit playing WoW almost a year ago, as morpg-like games have a tendency to be far to time-consuming, even though they can be far more rewarding than your 1st life sometimes.

10:58 am  

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