Wednesday, January 10, 2007

01:02 a.m.

Fighting insomnia. After two days of marathon administration I find myself unable to fall asleep. Well, in four hours I have to get up anyway since I have an early train up to Gothenburg to catch. But isn’t it typical? You come home late two nights in a row and then, when all the work is done, you are unable to use the few hours of rest that you do have.

117 all together. That is the number of bachelor/master theses which Daniel Alfons and I have registered, scheduled and sent out to different teachers during these two hectic days at our department. This is the seventh time that this administrative duty has fallen upon me since I entered the PhD program. Even as it is hard work, I must say I have come to like it. Perhaps because it is so “real” compared to all the writing?



Blogger Natasja said...

Things went well and now correcting "skönhetsfläckarna" before final "X-filing". 70 000 characters...hmm, can't I get about 300 extra? Btw, you don't write very often here nowadays. Not good. Maybe Mr "D Pimp" keeping you busy?

4:25 pm  

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