Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Dim West

Flew into Dublin early Thursday morning just to find the Emerald Isle covered in wet snow. Being my first trip to Ireland I was naturally a bit disappointed with such weather conditions, especially as I had hope for some relief from the slush in Sweden. But my visit to Trinity College and its department of political science turned out to fully offset that somewhat negative first impression.

And so did the next day up in Sligo:

Walked out on a cliff and allowed myself to be immersed by the Atlantic. In my mind I could see that distant western shore in New Jersey where Nilla and I spent a sunny morning in November last year.

Sligo was followed by Dublin on Friday night, London the next day and then a long return trip to Copenhagen, a trip which also gave me another first-time, namely a ride on the Eurostar under the English Channel!


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