Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Euston Manifesto

With 2006 drawing to its end I read Roger Cohen's column in today's IHT. It addressed something called "The Euston Manifesto", the kind of progressive democratic alliance so urgently needed in America (and perhaps also in a Europe with politicians like Pia Kjærsgaard and Lech Kaczynski?).

To sign up:


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My first comment on your blog:

The drawback of these kinds of manifestos is obviously that it needs to be formulated in such a way, as it appeals to the many. As such, their first statement of democracy is not very progressive or satisfying, but rather a minimal definition of liberal democracy that only states the formal right to participate and not the individuals’ opportunity to do the same. It also says nothing about the quality of democracy as such. Free elections and civil liberties are indeed necessary conditions for democracy, but they are unlikely to be sufficient in a political system that does not encourage adequate participation in politics and a supportive democratic culture. And is economic equality likely to be achieved by protecting the labour rights as stated by the ILO Conventions? I do not think so.

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