Friday, October 27, 2006

Abstract for ECPR Joint Sessions

Done. What here follows is the condensed abstract of a paper entitled "Beyond the Rawlsian monologue". If accepted, I will be able to present the paper in Helsinki in May 2007.

"Recent works have advanced our theoretical understanding of the proper scope, shape, and currency of intergenerational contractual justice. But as attention is drawn to the task of formulating practical policy-options capable of providing a sustainable trajectory into the future, the monological reasoning of these contractual theories seems to offer little guidance.

Instead of trying to distillate one single fair path to the future, this paper emphasizes the democratic necessity of accepting a plurality of views about what the deep future should be like. Beyond this argument, the paper explores to what extent theories of intergenerational justice can be used to assess the fairness and sustainability of different trajectories."



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