Monday, October 23, 2006

Songs of something else

It rustles in my poem
Words do their duty and lie there
Dust falls over them, dust or dew

Reading some Ekelöf in the old university library, "Absentia animi". An English translation by Leonard Nathan and James Larson as the rain continues to pour down. I am done with marking the exams, 18 passed and 3 failed.

This morning I learned that the F/A's strike at CPH has finally been called off. So if everything goes well we will indeed depart at 12.20 with SK925 on Saturday. Resfeber. Långresa. Hard to put into English.

As already announced to some of you through my Googletalk status bar, I have been listening extensively to Elin Sigvardsson over the weekend. I know, it only adds further to Åsa’s case, that I am trapped with all these melancholic singer/songwriters born in the 70’s. Ebba Forsberg, Sophie Zelmani, Edith Söderström, Lisa Ekdahl, Britta Persson, Norah Jones.

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