Saturday, October 14, 2006

Another futuristic train ride

The conference is over and I am now heading north aboard another futuristic train equipped with blogging-friendly wireless internet. Before leaving Karlstad this morning I presented my paper "A fair path to the future" and, as hoped for, it provoked a heated methodological and theorethical debate. Thanks everyone, I will take your suggestions with me as I revise the paper for presentation at WPSA in March.

The journey from Karlstad to Gävle has finally given me time to read Ernest Partridge’s article in Upstream/Downstream – Issues in Environmental Ethics. Having done that I am, even more than before, looking forward to meeting Ernest in the US. It seems that he, in this surprisingly overlooked piece, has given some very important contributions to, what I call, the procedural dimension of intergenerational justice.

Yes, the United States. Today it is exactly two weeks.



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