Saturday, May 23, 2020


Tonight, Gabriel and I were supposed to run the Warsaw Half Marathon but, like everything else this spring, it got cancelled due to the epidemic. Remaining here in Umeå, I thought it would be fun to instead revisit a section from Umåker Trail which coincidentally was also scheduled to take place today. However, my plan to run up Hässningberget with Elin fell through as well so, in the end, I only managed to do what was perhaps most overdue, namely to take a rest day.

Already at 70 km this week, my Achilles tendons in particular appreciated my decision to not go ut chasing CRs with Elin but rather cook some crispy salmon with creamy parmigiano sauce and a glass of Matua (which may not be Cloudy Bay but still very good) for dinner. Right now I am halfway through “Around the World in 80 Trains” and they have just crossed over to the US after criss-crossing through British Columbia aboard “The Canadian”. While maybe more a thing for “resentful retirees” (to borrow the expression of the author Monisha Rajes), everything cross-continental holds a certain allure for me.



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