Sunday, May 17, 2020


With hail hammering down on the balcony, I finished the last pages in A Theatre for Dreamers. Only a few minutes before, I had taken a picture of the next book in line but all the death at the end of my Greek island drama has left me in need of a break.

Although very good, the book was not at all like I had expected. I do not know if it was the Cohen reference or some deep memory of turtles on Zakynthos that made me buy it in the first place after reading that review in The Guardian.

Maybe death is the only closure there is.

Tomorrow I plan to go running with my colleague Elias along the river and also record some more lectures at the university. And now the sun is out again, even if not in Greek fashion:

Sunshine stalks us. It binds us to the rocks, cast us in bronze. It sharpens shadows, blazes the mountains, strikes the white walls so they almost blind us.


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