Friday, May 22, 2020

Trail running

After another early morning with scones and lots of black coffee, I took my well-worn Reebok All Terrain Craze out to the “hund och pulka” trail for 18 km of trail running or rather wading through the boglands. A year ago, I had one of my best trail running experiences ever at Umåker but sadly this year’s race has been cancelled due to the epidemic. Otherwise, it is truly a race where shoes go to die so it would have been the perfect way to send off my Reebok :-)

Yesterday, Benjamin Sovacool posted on one of the environmental politics mailing lists about cultural barriers to a low-carbon future. For Sovacool, this refers to how “expectations of abundance” make people unwilling to commit to his desired future of permanent energy scarcity and thus “irrationally” oppose renewable energy. For a brief moment, I thought I would send him an e-mail and suggest that maybe his own anti-nuclear bias could be just as much a “cultural barrier” to a low-carbon future. However, I am afraid that this is one of those cases where you know beforehand that any attempt to reason will only bring more polarization.

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