Saturday, May 16, 2020

Fair weather running

This morning, the trails around Nydalasjön were packed with runners of all ages. Considering the blue skies and crisp spring air, it is hard to blame them. Still, anyone can be a runner on a day like this, the challenge is to head out at 5.30 am on a windy November morning when it is raining ice or to complete those last kilometres in January when it is -20 degrees :-)

Congratulating me on yesterday’s race, Veronica at work asked if 1:30 would be my next goal. Reading her question I had to pause for a second, as 1 hour and 30 minutes have always seemed like an impossible, or at least very distant, goal for the half marathon but suddenly I find myself only five minutes away from it. I better not mention this to Elin or I will soon be in for another encounter with pain... in any case, I can report that my red Hoka Rincons performed admirably yesterday. They will definitely be my go-to shoes for any future half marathon racing. 



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