Tuesday, May 19, 2020


Maybe it was the box of strawberries from ”Kullabygden” that I got from COOP but this morning the hail storm outside felt particularly depressing. I should know by now that is never a good idea to think too much about Skåne and what it can be like in May. Anyhow, in the afternoon, the sky suddenly cleared up and I was able to squeeze in a quick run around the neighbourhood.

Talking racing strategies with Elias yesterday, we both recognized that we would probably never make it to the podium. In my case, I can see two different possibilities, either registering for the shortest option in a race with multiple distances (like I have done with Kullamannen in November) or finding some backyard ultra where it only comes down to mental strength. Given how competitive running has become, I am doubtful that either possibility will pay off but at least it beats waiting for the day when I will win Göteborgsvarvet :-)



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