Monday, March 30, 2020

Strict rules

Sweden’s decision to keep the schools open has attracted a lot of international attention and surprise. In today’s Svenska Dagbladet, the historian Lars Trägårdh situates this decision in a longer tradition of generalized social trust and a strong preference for expert knowledge over populism. Sweden’s decision comes with some caveats though, in particular a rule that says that children have to be kept at home even with the slightest cold symptoms.

As such, Eddie had to stay at home today as well. After a morning of waffles and work, I felt that I needed a break so I took my Asics Nimbus 20 out for some road running. Running in these shoes brought back some good marathon memories from Marrakech where I broke that symbolic four hour barrier. My next goal will be to run a half marathon in under 1 hour and 40 minutes, something that will require me to keep an average pace of 4:44 min/km. Today I took it easy though and even stopped by the still frozen Holmsjön for a lake selfie.



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