Tuesday, March 10, 2020


In Greek mythology, “nepenthe” is a medicine for sorrow, a fictive drug of forgetfulness. Obviously hard to come by, Anna’s mother gave me another bottle of that remarkable albariño from Hunter Valley which will have to do as a substitute. And instead of saffron fish soup, I made a vegan curry from Goa, a former exclave that I am still dreaming of visiting one day.

At Navet today, I went all in with 1,000 meters of swimming followed by a brutal 10k on the treadmill in a 4:18 min/km pace. Afterwards, I had my first meeting with a new student whose master’s thesis in the programme “Leadership and Organization” I will supervise this semester. Otherwise, I have a few days of respite before I receive another batch of exams so I am trying to finish my article on climate didactics that I will present in Vaasa.

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