Monday, March 02, 2020


After being deep frozen out on the roads yesterday, I decided to move indoors for my afternoon workout consisting of 5k rowing, 5k treadmill running and some strength training at “Umeå Sport och Motion”. With three different gyms in Umeå, USM has sort of become my second home over the last couple of years. As the days are getting longer, one thing I really appreciate is that they open already at 5.30 am so that I can run down there in the mornings before my teaching starts.

In the real world, Pete Buttigieg ended his campaign last night which was as sad as it was expected after his losses in Nevada and South Carolina. With both him and Cory Booker out of the race, I guess Biden represents the last chance of maintaining some sanity and hope of meaningful progress on key issues like climate change. Whereas Booker fully understood the role of nuclear power “in any serious climate policy”, Sanders remains committed to the same failed 100% renewable-orthodoxy that has permanently locked in fossil fuels in Germany.

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