Sunday, October 06, 2019


Whenever I browse the Internet, I am bombarded by personalized ads telling me to buy a pair of Hoka Rincons in the “Barbados Cherry/Plein Air” colour scheme. Funny enough, the ads are not personalized enough to take into account the fact that none of the stores have them in my size. And, for some odd reason, Hoka’s own store, which happens to have them in size 47, does not ship to Sweden (it does ship to most other EU countries though). So, for now, I am back with my Craft V175 Lite II as I go for two lapses around the lake in an effort to push my weekly volume up to 80 km for the second week in a row. Given how soon Beirut Marathon is, I would ideally be doing a really long test run in these shoes to see how they are holding up beyond 30 km but, at the same time, I think it is wise to be a bit careful with my knee.



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