Friday, October 11, 2019


While Tintin has a long precedence here on Rawls & Me, I am now rediscovering the global adventures of this Belgian journalist together with Eddie. Coming ashore in the fictional port city of Bagghar in French Colonial Morocco, “reality” appears unusually malleable as I take a sip of a new chardonnay from Stellenbosch that appeared last month at Systembolaget.

Earlier today, I found myself drawn into another energy/climate debate, this time on LinkedIn (which in itself is not so surprising given that I have discontinued all other forms of social media, in part to avoid precisely these kinds of debates). However, like with the climate deniers, I am doubtful whether engaging with the 100% renewables crowd is actually meaningful, it is simply a self-contained belief system. At least many of them are becoming increasingly open with that their vision of the future depends on dramatically “reducing population size - through voluntary, non-coercive measures of course”.

Of course.



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