Thursday, September 12, 2019


Exhausted after their respective days, both boys overslept in an epic fashion as the residue of the hurricane Dorian (yes, the one that devastated the Bahamas) came blowing in from the Atlantic last night. Instead of waking up from their afternoon naps, the boys slept through until 5 a.m. this morning. Meanwhile, I was struggling to get my abstract for WPSA right, knowing that it could easily be misrepresented as somehow supporting climate inaction. Still, I think it needs to be understood that there are situations when the prescribed cure is worse than the disease and that this is one of them. The pursuit of a low-energy future would leave humanity much more vulnerable, not only to climate change, but to a range of existential risks in ways that future generations will probably not be particularly happy about.

On a happier note, there has finally been a breakthrough with regard to Beirut Marathon in November. As I have been invited to present my pedagogical research at Linköping University on Tuesday in the week after, I am now looking into combining the two trips. While nothing is booked as of yet, it does seem as if I will indeed be doing one more road marathon in 2019 so with renewed enthusiasm I went for 100 meters of treadmill climbing at the gym today.

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