Sunday, March 18, 2018

The South Coast

From Old Harry Rocks to Durdle Door, I have only begun to explore the South Coast of the UK. Still, as the number of tasks on my to-do list becomes nearly unmanageable, it is to such places that I retreat in my mind.

I just finished reading a review of Paul Auster's “4321” which also seems to be about alternative lives and malleable geographies. From two years ago, I remember a vivid Skype conference call about ecomodernism and the Left, sitting in the middle of Frölunda Torg, one of those placeless malls that could truly be anywhere in late modern capitalism, thinking that we would soon all have much more serious problems. A few months later, Brexit happened and then the election of Donald Trump.

Sometimes, when I cannot sleep, I think of how insignificant all our worries about mortgages and future career paths will seem if the world does indeed break down for real. Then all this that was before will simply seem like a blissful bubble, a dream that one would do anything to return to.


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