Saturday, July 13, 2019

Cumulative distance

Tonight, I managed to complete my second consecutive 100+ km week. In my experience, running one hundred kilometres in a week is exponentially harder than running sixty or seventy kilometres. Even if I try to alternate shoes, I can feel the physical toll that all these kilometres have had on my body so now I definitely should take a few rest days.

Contrary to my earlier plans, I have also decided to skip Tavelsjö and save the racing until September when I have three races scheduled already, starting with Umeå Ultra 50k on the 7th, followed by Varvetmilen 10k on the 21st and Tvåälvsloppet 28k trail on the 28th. Beyond that, I am still dreaming of Beirut Marathon in November, if only I can get Ally to come along to Lebanon...



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