Tuesday, September 04, 2018

Risotto di barbabietola rossa

While always a shock to suddenly have hundreds of students in front of you, it feels great to be back teaching. Today I gave my customary lecture on philosophy of science which once again made me most grateful that I am political scientist and not a full-time philosopher. Afterwards, I went down the gym (where I apparently had one hour of free pt-time thanks to the university contract) which turned into great fun with a brutally honest pt.

Also research wise, it feels like it is all back to reality. Yesterday, I got invited to write a chapter in a new edited volume on non-human nature in the Anthropocene which seems like a good opportunity to explore my conflicting intuitions about ecomodernism and deep rewilding.

Finally, for dinner, I could not help dreaming a bit of Italy. To make it somewhat less obvious, I stumbled upon a bottle of white wine from a bit north of Melbourne which turned out to be a match to my beetroot risotto.

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