Saturday, September 29, 2018

Breakfast above the clouds

Upgraded to SAS Plus for the first of two flights this morning, I am now enjoying a complimentary breakfast with black currant granola and some Frosh juice. With more than two months on the ground in Umeå behind me, it feels exciting to be on the road again, if only for a night in Gothenburg. At 4 pm today, I will talk about climate nationalism at the book fair, something that makes me feel surprisingly nervous, probably because the setting is quite different from giving a lecture (something I often do in front of hundreds of people without blinking).

Already on Wednesday, I will be away again, but then to Malmö for the annual meeting of the Swedish Political Science Association (SWEPSA). Reading the workgroup papers, I am surprised by how influential the national imagery still is for some people and how difficult it seems to be to imagine the obvious, that ultimately, we will become one common planetary civilization and that the proper question, rather than how to uphold national borders, should be how to accelerate the transition to a world without borders.

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