Friday, September 21, 2018


With the rain hammering down outside, I am back with a brand new The Escapist and blonde ales from Catalonia (also useful for the vegetarian version of Friday tacos). Otherwise, the last week has been unusually demanding with William coming down with high fever while I had an insane amount of teaching. Luckily he has fully recovered so now I am only keeping my fingers crossed that I will not get sick myself and somehow miss tomorrow’s race. While actually a seeding race for Göteborgsvarvet in May, my goal with the race is just to challenge my own PR on 10k. Unfortunately, given that the weather forecast talks about storm winds and rain by the time the race starts at 12 tomorrow, I am not sure if this will be possible though.

As for the yellow journal of places less explored, I am already lost in fantasies about having a drink at the Strangers Club in Panama City or forest escapes in Uthai Thani.

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