Saturday, May 26, 2018


Basically every day there is a new op-ed arguing for “radical” climate action. The messages is pretty similar in all of them; time is short, draconic measures (surprisingly often the same measures that these people would advocate regardless of climate change) are urgently needed and we should not let "politics" come in the way (which is also kind of surprising given that many of these people have spent the last decades trying to close down our largest existing source of carbon-free electricity). None of them engage with the bigger global picture or seem to understand why a technologically advanced civilization is likely to be far better equipped to deal with climate change (or for that part any other existential risk) than their own pseudo-pastoral fantasies.

Instead of writing another letter to the editor (the anti-migration Malthusians were enough for this year), I decided to wrap up the kale season with some sourdough bread from Kulturbageriet, accompanied by a glass of Latitude from the South Island. Given that I have only been to N.Z. twice in my life, it is funny how often I dream of returning.



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