Friday, January 28, 2011

Global imagination

One month of teaching later and it is time travel again, this time to Indonesia, a country that for long has been high on my “list” of places to visit. Being the fourth most populous country in the world with an overwhelmingly Muslim population, Indonesia seems to offer a particularly important piece in the global puzzle.

Though inevitably shallow, I think travelling, at its best, can help with constructing that puzzle, to challenge our geographical prejudices and open our senses to the unexpected. While teaching one of my courses (the one on “Globalization and Justice”) I was again reminded of a wonderful piece entitled “Global ignorance” by Martin Lewis. Published in Geographical Review in 2000 (90:4 603-628) but still most timely, Lewis makes a strong case for why scholars of globalization must engage with local contexts and look beyond the tired “The West and the Rest”-imagery.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Public radio

Tomorrow afternoon, it will be two weeks since we landed on Lantau Island and took the high-speed train into Hong Kong. My last visit to Hong Kong was in 2006, actually a few months before my first post here on the weblog. Despite the discontinuity, I was immediately reminded of how much I liked the city and its green surroundings.

Over the last two weeks we have settled in a bit. We have found a nice apartment on the 25th floor in Tai Po, gone for a hike through Plover Cove Country Park, been to IKEA and most of all worked like crazy. This spring I will teach three courses: one on environmental sustainability, one on globalization and justice and one on animal rights.

Meanwhile, my dissertation continues to generate responses. Yesterday afternoon, the Swedish public radio (P1) broadcasted an interview with me which I would like to share here on Rawls & Me.