Thursday, July 19, 2007

Logic lane

Only in Oxford.

I have returned to the British Isles, if only for a short while. On Saturday I have to be back in the Netherlands to visit my childhood friend Mattias and his girlfriend in Rijswijk.

At Nero they are playing “Not too late” with Norah, it reminds me of American afternoons out in the convertible. The coming rain, we are sinkin’ soon. Today the mood is a different, a sense of anticipation, that life somehow still matters, difficult as it may seem.

Time to get back to the conference papers. I think of yesterday, of me flying high above the Alps, of hikes yet to be undertaken and I just have to read some more William Davies:

"I saw at night the City's lights shine bright,
A greater milky way; how in its spell
It fascinated with ten thousand eyes;
Like those sweet wiles of an enchantress who
Would still detain her knight gone cold in love;
It was an iceberg with long arms unseen,
That felt the deep for vessels far away."



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