Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Swedish Chef

Whenever I travel abroad, especially to the Americas, I find myself constantly haunted by this figure. Maybe it has to do with that I am always cooking at people’s places when visiting? Anyway, last night, staying with my Polish friends in Brighton, I made the great IKEA success, the Swedish meatballs. And I am happy to report that they were highly appreciated.

Unfortunately something sad happened yesterday as well. I lost my new €350 Olympus digital camera which had brought me so much joy over the last weeks. It was this typical situation when you leave it unattended for one minute and someone simply takes it.

I am thinking of sending a claim of compensation to Mrs Margareth Thatcher, personally.



Blogger Gabriel said...

Kogo Polki znasz? You will have to introduce us! Anyway, too bad about your camera... think of it as stimulating the local economy. (Now, that was a von oben-bobocentric remark...)

11:58 am  
Blogger Rasmus said...

Well, they are actually friends of Monica.

And I just uploaded the pictures from our Balkan Shuffle:

Facebook Public Album

6:00 pm  

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