Saturday, July 07, 2007

Markuslöwen und andere seltsame Tiere

A tiramisu in a Viennese café, the warm southern wind and an old inscription: "Dieser Markuslöwe soll an den alten Südbahnhof erinnern, von dem er als Symbol der Verbindung Wien-Venedig stammt".

Flying distorts all proportions. Yesterday morning I woke up in Oxford, today I am listening to an African street concert in Burggasse. This, if anything, should explain the success of chained hotels; people simply need time to adapt. Like airports they constitute an international environment of equal alienation, no one is at home, yet home is not too far away.

After all the flying it felt good to buy an Interrail "One Country Pass" for Germany this morning, it means that I will be able to do all the planned criss-crossing at an affordable cost while maintaining a high level of flexibility. That is a euphemistic way of expressing the current mess I am in. But I guess, next spring, when I slowly walk around the duck pond at Rutgers, my present state of homelessness and roaming journeys will make sense. Somehow.



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